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 Tiffany Porter – Birthday Coordinator

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As seen in Mom And Caregiver Magazine


Planning a child’s birthday party can be exhausting and overwhelming! Times have changed, and the expectations of your child, their peers, and other parents have evolved, and can be hard to navigate.

Palasad Birthday Party Coordinator Tiffany Porter has planned thousands of children’s birthday parties; here are her top 4 tips for birthday party planning that are used as the foundation of Palasad Kids Party planning:

  • Keep the Children Entertained!!!
  • Plan more activities than you think you’ll need; because when kids get bored, they get into trouble! The Party Hosts at Palasad have lots of backup activities (such as songs and dancing, face painting, balloon animals, and alternative games – depending on the age) in addition to the scheduled activities. If a Palasad Party Host notices the children starting to lose focus on an activity, they have been trained how to act quickly and reengage them.


  • Plan on Your RSVP Count Not Being Accurate
    • It is not uncommon for a child to handout their party invitations, and then verbally invite several more children at school, and they may or may not inform their parents! Also, parents of other children may not understand the importance of RSVP’ing. This type of crisis is easily managed at Palasad, because they always have additional staff, and extra food can be ordered on the spot.


  • Pick Age Appropriate Activities
    • Children are likely to lose interest in activities that are not engaging. The experts at Palasad have experience working with all age and interest groups; they orchestrate a tailored schedule beforehand, and adjust on-the-fly as the Party Host reads the guests’ needs.


  • Select an Appropriate Party Length
    • Birthday parties at Palasad last from 2 – 2.5 hours. This is enough time for the kids to play games, participate in activities, eat, and open presents (if desired); but it’s a short enough time for the children to be consistently engaged.

Trusting experts with your child’s birthday party, like the team at Palasad, doesn’t just ensure a great time for your child and their friends, but also, it allows you to enjoy yourself and build wonderful memories, rather than being overwhelmed and exhausted during, what should be, a time of celebration.