This place is one of my weekly after-work stops. The service is great, the staff are friendly and the feature gourmet pizzas can be world class tasty. They won’t admit it but they must have a time machine out back because their chicken wings are enormous and are probably from huge chickens freshly imported from […]


Was in London for a wedding and weekend visit. Friends who live in London told me to meet them for ‘bowling’ and gave me directions to the Palasad (south). Didn’t know what to expect. I thought, “Bowling?”, “Really?” The last time I went bowling was probably 10 yrs ago! Wow, was I surprised. The Palasad […]


We went for the half-price pizzas (remember to tip the excellent servers on what the bill would have been!) with a large Caesar to go with them. Choice of several toppings on thin crusts – white, brown, or gluten free. The first two crusts are great; dunno about the last one! The place is noisy, […]


This weekend I met up with some friends at Palasad south for a few drinks and laser tag. I absolutely love the atmosphere here at night. Lots of great, comfortable seating in the bar area. No kids, just adults having a great time with good music, and fun things to do. Tons of pool & […]